Ammouliani Island, Athos, Halkidiki, Greece

Ammouliani Island in the end of September. Ammouliani Island is something really special in Halkidiki. It’s the only inhabited island that Halkidiki can boast about. Nestled in between the Sithonia and the Athos peninsulas, this little group of islands have developed to become a holiday destination in its own right.
Having wanted to travel to Ammouliani for years, I finally was able to take the short ferry ride over in the end of September 2014. My experience leaves me highly recommending Ammouliani to anyone who wants to have a Greek Island experience and not wanting to travel far from the mainland to get there. Most tourists who come here are those that are heading to Ouranopoliand the Athos peninsula for the famed monasteries and Athos boat cruises.
Upon arriving with the ferry, you dock at the the Limani port in the picturesque village of Ammouliani. It is beautifully arranged along the harbour with waterfront restaurants and cafes that are delightfully decorated as something you would expect to see in the Cyclades. Hotels and apartments are plentiful, a quick count on their tourist map gave me about 50 choices. Here you can find more detailed information about Ammouliani island.
A walk through Ammouliani village shows you that the locals are making their livelihood from tourism because it seems more organized than other popular destinations in Halkidiki. Boat tours seem to be the big thing here so you can visit the Drenia Islands.
The beaches on Ammouliani vary from large sandy stretches of sand open to the sea with plenty of waves, to small hidden coves and still waters good for swimming. Beach bars are plentiful, but with our timing – the end of September, they are already packing up for the winter! Not surprising considering the beaches were practically empty. For us this was perfect! Temperatures of mid to high 20s and still warm waters, this is the perfect time to get a cheap and relaxing getaway.