Villa "Olga" in Pefkari, Thassos island, Greece

Villa for 5 + 1 pax: 80 - 110 €

Beach bars and taverns in Limenaria, Thassos island

Island Thassos, Greece

Thasos is a cosmopolitan green island located in the North Aegean Sea that holds a wealth of history.
History goes back as far as ancient times. Thasos is girdled with myths. According to one of them, Zeus took shelter on Thasos after kidnapping the Phoenician queen, Europe. There is evidence of life even from prehistoric times. One can see the remains of walled coastal settlements at Limenaria, at Theologos and at Skala Sotiros. In essence, however, the island's history begins with the arrival of the first Greek settlers from the island of Paros. In the beginning of the 7th century BC, Parians under Telesikli's command, who was poet Archilochos's father, settled the area round Limenas and established their capital named Thassos. The city spread out on the hillside with the citadel on top of the hill. Thassos expanded by creating new colonies on the opposite shore: Galipsos, Apollonia, Oisymi (?ea Peramos), Antisara (Kalamitsa), Neapolis (Kavala), Pistyros and Topeiros. After Persians had passed through the island, it joined the Athenian alliance. Spartians took the city and ruined it. The King of Macedonia, Philip II annexed it to the Macedonian State. In Roman times, Thassos thrived, while in Byzantine times it was the target of Arabs, Genoans, Turks and Venetians. The last owners of the island, the Gattilusi family, yielded it up to the Turks. The Turks occupied it in 1479; from 1813 to 1902 the island was offered as a gift to Mehmet Ali, the founder of the Egyptian dynasty. Thassos was liberated from the Turkish yoke and was incorporated into the Greek State in 1912.
You should visit the beaches at Evreokastro, Synoikismos, Agios Vasileios, Glykadi. Not far from Limenas, the beach of Makryammos has excellent tourist facilities. The ancient Agora, the sanctuaries, the Theater and the Citadel are worth a visit. ? large number of interesting exhibits are displayed in the archaeological museum. You will be most impressed by the statues of Aphrodite and Kouros. At lunchtime, try out fresh fish and other Greek dishes at the tavernas interspersed throughout the town, while in the evening have real Greek fun. Cultural events are held all year round that are organised either by the local government, or the municipality of Thassos or several cultural associations.
The village of Panagia is famous for the enormous plane trees dominatimg the square, the fresh running water and the home-made syrup sweets that are really hard to resist. Chryssi Amoudia stretches along the coast below Panagia and it is popular with bathers enjoying its expanse, the beautiful waves rolling onto the shore and the quaint fish-tavernas. Potamia: traditional resort whose hillside position affords panoramic views.