Kinira, Thassos island, Greece

Kinira is known since the ancient world. Herdot named Kinira in his lyrics "Ainera" and Kinira. In the Past there was found the gold of the isle Thassos. Kinira is situated at the east coast of Thassos, near the Paradise Beach. There you have the possibility to rent a room. In the tavern you can also taste the traditional food of Thassos. The beach is just fine to take a long bath in the sun. The water isn't deep and so it's ideal for children and the people who are not used to swim very often.
Paradise Beach (Paradisos) lies at the east coast of Thassos. Just in front of it there is the south point of the isle Kinira. A small sign shows you the way to paradise beach. Only some bikes and cars, who are parking at the roadside, showing the visitors that this is the way to paradise beach. Paradise Beach is a beautiful beach. The white sand is gleaming in the sunshine. The shallow water is shimmering is different blues. This is one of the few bays where you can find small-middle waves when the east wind becomes harder. Paradise Beach is beautiful directly inside a bay. You can't describe the place with words - so beautiful is it there. There are also some bars and small hotels. South there is a place to play volleyball. And some days there are some boats who are stopping here to get a rest. Paradise Beach is the only beach, where it is allowed to practice nudist sunbathing. On the left end of the beach there are the nudists, an the other end the people wear bathing clothes. So everybody can go swimming in his favorite way without disturb.