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Limenaria, Thassos island, Greece

 After Limenas, Limenaria is the biggest town of the isle. The name Limenaria is modify from the name Limenas, the main city of the isle. It means in our language "the smaller town". Limenaria is only 42 km away from Limenas and situated at the south-westcoast from the isle.
You can go from Limenas to Limenaria by taxi or bus. At the promenade you will find lots of small restaurants, shops and bars. There also are bigger supermarkets, the police, banks, doctors and pharmacys.
The inhabitants of the ancient village in the mountains called Kastro foundet Limenaria in the end of the 19. century. Kastro is situted in a high of 800 m. It was founded at the slope of Ipsarion far away from the sea to protect the inhabitants from the pirates. A small wall, which was build by the Genuesern about 1434, can be visited today in Kastro. The inhabitants left Kastro many years ago. Actually it becomes renovated.
At the 18th of january there is the big festival of saint Athanasios. In Kalivia there is the festival of easter with a big dance. Kalivia is a part of Limenaria. The name Kalivia means as much as hut. It was named like that because of the refugees who were building many huts there.