Villa "Olga" in Pefkari, Thassos island, Greece

Villa for 5 + 1 pax: 80 - 110 €

Pefkari, Thassos island, Greece

 Pefkari was the meeting place for the fishers. Today it is only for tourists. Pefkari is south-west of the isle and directly next to the village Potos. Pefkari is the smallest village on the isle, but it has a lot of activities for the beach. In Pefkari you find mostly hotels, restaurants, bars and discos. All along the coast are umbrella pines, which are very typical on the isle. Time after time Pefkari changed into a village for tourists. If you don`t want to miss some action and fun at the beach, so stay some days here. With the offer of activities for the beach, it won`t be boring.