Skala Panagia - Golden beach, Thassos, Greece

 Golden beach is made out of two harbours of the villages Potomia and Panagia. The basis of the golden beach is Skala Panagia, also named Chrysi Ammudia which means in our language a golden beach, and Skala Potamia, also named Chrysi Akti which means golden coast.
Today the golden beach is a beautyfull bay with crystal-clear water. You can find there many hotels and a place for camping which is the common property of Panagias, who also manage the place. The beach is nearly one kilometre long and very famous because of the white sand.
To reach the golden beach you only have to follow a small track or you can take a nice street whith many bends and also a heavy slope. A small highlight for bikers.
There is a very good street between Skala Potamia and Golden Beach, so you don't have to drive through Panagia to reach Golden Beach anymore. We think that in some years the both villages will grow together as one big village.