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Skala Potamia, Thassos island, Greece

 Skala Potamia is a very popular beach resort located almost 15 kilometres from Thassos Town and about 32 kilometres from Skala Prinos. The beach stretches along a bay on the Northeast side of the island that is surrounded by a spectacular chain of wooded mountains including Mount Ipsario, the tallest mountain on Thassos that soars 1204 meters, or 3950 feet above sea level.  The bay offers over two kilometres of sandy beach with few small areas of rock and pebbles. The overwhleming majority of Golden Beach is pure white sand, very fine and perfect for children to play and build sand castles with. The beach got its name from the color of the sand during the afternoon hours as the sun shines brightly on it, giving it a golden color. Golden Beach proudly flys two Blue Flags.
     The southern half of Golden Beach is called "Chrissi Akti" by the locals. "Chryssi" in English translation means "golden". Walking from the South end of the beach northward, you will eventually reach the tourist resort town of Skala Panagia that occupies the hillside along the other end of Golden Beach, otherwise knows as "Chrissi Ammoudia".